Project Updates – RBX Project & Docu-Series

The explorative foot journey of Deepak Anand under the Retracing Bodhisattva Xuanzang (RBX) project was undertaken after fresh interpretation of the travel accounts of Master Xuanzang to explore the Sublime Wandering of the Buddha in the Gangetic Plains. Despite numerous difficulties from time to time including the COVID 19, Deepak and the team RBX did not give up and continued this important mission which has yielded some tangible results in shape of some important new discoveries.  More than 2400 kms of this on-going explorative foot journey by Deepak Anand has been completed and the documentation carried out by him has resulted in 44 project stories so far.

Project stories on this Journey.

The team RBX and team Docu-Series is extremely thankful to all the wonderful people who supported the explorative walk of Deepak Anand and also the Buddhist Organisations and the Buddhist Spiritual Guru’s for their invaluable support to the Docu-Series project, the first episode (Traditional Chinese Version) of which has already been released worldwide on Feb. 27, 2023. The explorative walk under the RBX project provided the thematic backbone for the Docu-Series.

The Documentary Series is being made as per International Broadcast Standards under the banner of First Frame. It focuses on the Sublime Wanderings of the Buddha (Buddha Cārikā), in a new perspective through the descriptions of 7th C.E. Monk-Scholar & Pilgrim Master Xuanzang.

It is based on in-depth research on the Buddhist literature, research, findings and documentation conducted over the last 14 years and especially during the on-going walk based Heritage Documentation project titled “Retracing Bodhisattva Xuanzang (RBX) - A foot Journey to Explore the Sublime Wanderings of the Buddha”.

Link for a story on the release of its first episode:

Documentary Series Based on 2,400 Kilometers of Retracing Xuanzang on Foot.

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